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Crown and Bridge

Teeth can decay, crack, break, and wear down over time. Dental Crowns cover the entire visible structure of the tooth giving it strength, durability and a younger natural look.


Composite resin dental fillings were developed as an alternative to traditional silver metal fillings. They are colored to look like your own teeth which makes them nearly impossible to see. Composite resin fillings are strong, durable and help create a very natural looking smile.


Scaling is the process of removing dental tartar from the surfaces of the teeth. Using precise instruments, tartar is lifted off the teeth and removed from below the gums.

Root Canal

Endodontic treatment or "Root Canal" is necessary when the nerve inside the tooth becomes inflamed or infected. This can be caused by deep decay, repeated dental procedures on a tooth; or a crack or chip in the tooth. The nerve is removed and the pain goes away.


Sometimes teeth are beyond repair due to extensive decay or breakage. When this happens the teeth are removed or "Extracted" and we plan how to replace it.


Whitening or "Bleaching" of the teeth is a process that gives patients a whiter, brighter smile. Patients wear custom trays filled with a gel-like material. After teeth whitening patients feel they look years younger.

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